What I Made This Week: Mille Feuille

May 26, 2013



Ohhhhh how I love Mille Feuille! It translates to a million layers, which is exactly what it is. I never quite understood the craft in this pastry until I made it myself. Layers of crunchy puff pastry and creamy pastry cream make for a simple, yet very refined treat.

Traditionally, when you think of puff pastry, you think of light, fluffy sheets filled with something delicious. In this case, the puff pastry is cooked whole on a baking sheet. After it’s allowed to puff up, it’s then weighed down by placing a few baking sheets on top and cooked flat. You finish them off by caramelizing them with sugar. And I could just eat them like crackers…

If you wanna go a little Lindsay Lohan on it, you might add nuts or perhaps a strawberry coulis in the middle.

One of my French favorites!




*Photo: Allison






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