Thoughts: 1 Month Anniversary

May 26, 2013



It’s officially been one whole month that I’ve been living in Paris. After my mom called me crazy when I told her I wanted to move here, after a whole year of planning and saving, after FINALLY getting on that plane and landing and now a WHOLE month has passed. I feel like I just got here, it went by so fast.

Though I’m loving it here, there are a lot of things that annoy me. I hate the weather, I hate the fact that I can’t express my true personality when talking to people in French and I hate the neighbor’s clock that buzzes EVERY hour…. Buzz…… buzz…. buzz….buzz buzz buzz….. buuuzzzzzzzzz. I. FUCKEN. HATE. IT. But no matter where you go, you’ll find things that you hate.

People say “I would die to move to Los Angeles.”…”I would die to move to Paris.”… Basically, you would die to move anywhere but the place where you live. Why? Cus you always want what you can’t have.  Which leads me to having a great state of mind…

Every day you have choices where in your mind you make up A) I’m gonna like this or B) I’m gonna hate this. “Doing homework” (I hate it) “Going to lunch (I love it) “Doing laundry” (I hate it) “Getting a pedicure” (I love it)…. and throughout the day, week, month… you make up in your mind whether it was a good experience or a bad experience. “ohhh I had a shitty week”…. “my weekend was kinda boring…” But no matter where you are, Paris, Miami, Mississippi… you will have these issues/choices. I think a lot of people are stressed and unhappy because they’re use to making negative choices. It becomes a routine about things they “hate” and they spend allllll day hating things.  So after hating things all day, all week and all month… they start to become unhappy where they are. Unhappy in their job, unhappy in their city, unhappy with their family. And then they start thinking I NEED CHANGE. I need to move, I need a new job, I need to cut my hair off…. People start thinking of drastic solutions without realizing that the solution is within them. Instead of changing your surroundings, change your attitude and state of mind. Because let me tell you a big secret… NOTHING IS EVER PERFECT. There’s a lot of struggle before rewards, but there are also a lot of rewards within simplicity.

You survived four years of college but are worried about one guy not calling you back. You have a great job but are worried about those 10lbs not coming off. Your heading to a nice dinner with friends, but you’re pissed off about the traffic.

Yes, I can go punch my neighbor unconscious, run in his house and destroy his clock or I can find another apartment and move, but in the grand scheme of things… the clock nor the weather have anything to do with my purpose here or the amazing experience I’m having.


We can’t have it all… but we can always find happiness within the things we do have.


More love, less hate.

Think positive and stick to your purpose.

Every problem has a solution.

Shit happens.

Have as much fun as you can.


**Disclaimer: If none of these tips work, have a glass of wine.


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