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Video: Let’s Make Sushi at Home !!


When I was in college I was a Broadcast Journalism major. I finally narrowed
down my major (after changing it three times) and was content with this field.
But, the problem was that I was learning and doing so much, that I couldn’t
focus on one specific thing. I was a writer for the college paper, I produced a
radio show, I wrote a few screen plays, I directed a few documentaries and
videos. But still… wtf was I going to do after college?? Like most students, I
had NO CLUE! So I would just pray to baby jesus that one day I would just
figure it out….

While looking for something online, I  r a n d o m l y found the most HILARIOUS YouTube
video. MY VIDEO! Whaaaa?!? No, not a sex tape… the first video that I EVER directed in my
college’s studio. It was done in 2006, but I guess it was so awesome that
someone uploaded it to YouTube a few years later.


I watched it about 10 times in a row and laughed all 10 times. Back in 2006, I
never imagined that I would be working in the food industry and what a coincidence
that this was my first topic.

I now work on many aspects of PR, but all revolving around food – planning
events, food styling for photoshoot and video shoots, directing cooking
segments, menu and recipe development, working with great chefs. I really,
really enjoy it. I found my niche : )

Food and I were inevitable! <3 Funny how things work out…


Check out the video here on how to make the best sushi haha




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