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Paris: La Patisserie Des Reves


La Pâtisserie des Rêves, literally means The Pastry Shop of Dreams and it’s exactly that. Walking in, you transfer yourself into a pastry shop of the future. Yes, you have your traditional shops like Laduree or Pierre Hermes… but none compare to this one esthetically.

This time I was in Paris, I was solely there for food : ) I went one cold (I mean freezing) Tuesday afternoon after visiting Versailles. And I’m not gonna lie, the cold turns me into the Hulk… I’m angry and I want to destroy everything. So what better way to bring me back to life than some pastries.

The automatic sliding doors lead you into a chamber of the most beautiful pastries. The majority of the room is taken up by two towering circular tables that hold glass vessels suspended by metallic wires from the ceiling. And each glass vessel houses a parisian masterpiece. People bend down and glaze through each dome to observe the carefully created desserts as if they were diamonds.

Let’s face it, France is super traditional, strict and into their ways, that when a shop takes a risk and goes balls out to try something different, THAT’S impressive to me! Some say the shop is a bit cold, I think it’s groovy baby.

And even after you’re taken over by all the magic the shop has to offer… you wonder if the pastries live up to the shop. Because you know, sometimes you mean a man/woman and they’re gorgeous… beautiful face, nice body, great hair, straight teeth…. and you think to yourself “No way can this guy not be a douchebag”…. or “No way this guy doesn’t have babies, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and a criminal past… too good to be true”… No? Just me?

Anyways, they’ve won many awards and everything I had there was orgasmic. So, so, so good….

You must visit their website and watch some of the videos on how they create some of these recipes. Inside-Out Eclair? Hello!



St. Honore


This is NOT an apple. But I won’t tell you what’s inside. It’s like ruining the ending of a movie…




The inside-out éclair and the six-sided Paris-Bresté






La Patisserie Des Reves

93, rue du Bac 75007 PARIS



*Photos: Allison

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