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Thoughts: Enjoying Nothing


Life in American is soooooo fast!!! And I’m victim to it. We’re always ON. 24/7. We’re on with technology all day and we’re on physically all day. Every day is a hustle. And people are even proud of being a “hustler”.

We wake up, check email, twitter, facebook. Take a quick shower. Skip breakfast because we’re late to the office/work. Get to the office/work, right back to your email. Start on that to-do list, meetings, errands, meetings, more emails. You grab a quick Subway for lunch. Back on the grind. You get home… back on your phone/computer. Get all your shit ready to do it again the next day. And for myself, traveling in the mix of all that, from one plane to the next, I was always counting my minutes. And that’s normal to us.

Even when we think we are out for a leisure activity, let’s say dinner, we act with the same mechanism. We get to the restaurant: “There’s a 30min wait”… (f*ck). We get seated, the waitress takes forever to come (f*ck). We order, the food takes too long to come out “Where’s our food! F*ck!”.

Everything we do, we want it fast and we want it now! And unfortunately, I been stuck in these ways myself. I hustle all day multitasking a million things that when I feel like I have a minute of down time, I have to find something else to do or else I feel unproductive. And unfortunately, P. Diddy and Mr. Trump preach the same things. What you’re not doing now, someone else is, bla bla bla…. “Money doesn’t sleep”, bla bla bla…. You can always be replaced, bla bla bla

Again, we are trained to live a fast pace life and work like machines. Or else, we fail.

What’s the goal? Money? Status?

“Hey son, your mom was a hustler. I worked all day and all night! One time I didn’t breath for 4mins because I was working so hard and I passed out. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

I’ve been in Paris for almost a week now and since I quit my job to come here, I have not received ONE email from the bullet-fast inbox I had last week. Not one email asking me to do something. Not one email asking me to send a report or calculate ROI or a flight itinerary. Nothing. I even keep refreshing my inbox because it feels sooo weird. I came here a week before school/work to get settled in to my apartment and settled in to the time change, and I nearly went crazy because I had nothing to do! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Then I started thinking “Hellooo idiot, enjoy life!”

My mind has been so full of smog and living this fast pace life that I even forgot what it felt like to REST! When was the last time you took a walk? People watched? Enjoyed a coffee without looking at your watch? Lit a candle and took a bath? Here’s another, SPOKE to someone face-to-face…ahhhhh glorious!¬†Yes, this all sounds really gay… but all those little nuances that life offers, they’re still there. There’s so many little things you can do that can make you feel at peace and ultimately provide you with more happiness than money.

So from here on out, I will continue to find pleasure in the moments when I’m not doing anything.



A plus tard!


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