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I never went to museums in LA cus I never had time, so I plan on visiting as many shows as I can and snapping all the street art around here. Over the weekend I went to see Dynamo at the Grand Palais. I read great things about it and love contemporary shit.

It was titled “A Century of Light and Movement in Art, 1913-2013.” and featured nearly 170 different artist. So if you can imagine, it was HUGE, a good 2-3 hour activity. It exhibited concepts of vision, space, light and movement. Now, I’m not gonna say what it all meant because art should be interpreted by the viewer, plus a lot of times the description below the piece says something totally out of my comprehension (let’s be honest), plus I’m not an art curator. I will say though, that some pieces made me feel like I was on drugs and a lot of things were interactive, which was very special.

One thing that did stick out to me was this film rolling in a room. All there was, was a camera and the light shinning on a big white projector. I stood there for 15mins to watch. People kept coming in and out because the movie wouldn’t “start”. It was blank. BUT the point of it was for you to make your own movement in front of the projecting light… like a duck with your fingers, or a flying bird with both your hands (mine looked like a dog with no ears, meaning a big circle). NO one participated except children. All of the adults walked in, waited 10 seconds and walked out. All the children that walked in had a fucken blast with the machine. Adults are so boring!! It was a great observation of how kids have fun with the simplest things… which we should all try to practice as we get older.

Totally worth my 13 euros. A few photos out of a billion things to see there below:





How one object/shape can be repeated multiple times to give different results.




10 April 2013 to 22 July 2013

3, avenue du Général Eisenhower
75008 Paris


*Photos: Allison

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