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Thoughts: Moving To Paris


“Wouldn’t it be crazy if I just quit my job and move to Paris?”


My whole life I’ve been the “perfect” child. Not that my siblings are unperfect or bad, but as the oldest, there’s always so much pressure to do things right. Also, as the first child everything is a big deal “Honey, the baby is crying… let’s call the doctor.”… (The second child) “Honey, the baby’s bleeding. Her brother hit her tooth with the baseball bat, but she fine”.

I’ve always done everything by the book. Straight A’s in school, no drugs, didn’t get pregnant in high school, no gangs. Went to college, graduated with honors. Got a great career, make good money. Never been to jail or woken up in TJ half naked. I’ve had a pretty good life, a really great life, given that I was born in Compton and we were really poor with a single mom. I’ve wanted the best and got the best through a lot of hard work. But all those fun, crazy, all-night, “screw-it” moments growing up and throughout college… I’ve had less of those…

So what’s more important in life? Being successful or having fun? Making good money or making good memories? Being a great role model to your family or enjoying your youth? Though I believe it’s a little of both, balance and maturity, why are we so quick to grow up?

When we’re 18, we can’t wait to be 21. When we’re in college, we can’t wait to graduate. When we’re working, we can’t wait to get married. When we’re married we can’t wait to have a baby. You’re always missing living in the moment because you’re too busy preparing for the next moment. Isn’t that weird?

Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces or maybe it’s because I’m always doing what I’m “suppose” to do… but I day dream a lot.  Some things are stupid like “I’m gonna rent a helicopter and drop powdered donuts on Christmas Eve (because it never snows in California)” to big ideas like, ““Wouldn’t it be crazy if I just quit my job and move to Paris?” But again, my balls aren’t usually big enough, and I just live patiently.

Well guess what? MY BALLS GREW! You ever get that question… “What would you do if money wasn’t a variable?”…. Yea, I fucken hate that question too because we all have to pay bills (duh). But it’s true, we all wanna do things, things are fun. And for me, I’ve always wanted to go to culinary school. I’ve been working in the food industry with really great food brands for the last 5 yrs and have taken different courses here and there… but nothing like enrolling full time. Again… cus I had bills to pay, responsibilities, family etc etc… By the same token, I’ve been fascinated by France since I was young.

But it wasn’t until last year that I asked my self “But why CANT you do it?” So I made a list (I like lists). “Pros” vs. “Cons”… What can I lose through an experience like this versus what can I gain.

So for a whole year I planned.  I researched, saved money, made tons of phone calls, asked for advice… I gave myself a timeline. “By X day I have to save X amount of money and know X amount of things”. It’s weird how things can happen with a little research and a little patience.

And after a wholeeee year of patience, I accomplished my goal! I had saved enough money and had learned enough about my career to make a decision. Now you start off at the bottom and you see this hiiiiiigh mountain peek of where you want to go next. You climb, sweat, fall, climb again, and keep climbing. You fiiiiinally make it aaaalllllll the way to the top. I made it to the top! Now all I had to do was JUMP.

I can finally say that one of my dreams is coming true. I jumped. I said good-bye to my corporate agency last week, I’m packing all my stuff and I‘m moving to Paris. I will be partaking in a culinary program and working in pastry for the rest of the year.

For the first time in my life I’m taking a leap of faith, following my heart, trusting my gut.  It’s gonna be hard, I’m scared, I’ve cried cus I’ll miss my family/friends, but I’m doing it for me. ME, ME, ME. And I feel really good about it.

I’m thankful for this opportunity and all the support I’ve been receiving. You never know where life might take you, but I truly believe that it always takes you down the road you’re meant to go in.

So I officially raise my glass to the beginning of a new chapter in my life! Cheers!


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