Random: My First Week


So it’s only my second week here, meaning a lot of things still feel weird. For one, my eating habits are all screwed up. I don’t even breakfast, I eat once during the day and then I’m starving at midnight….terrible. It was also my first week of school. I was in shock at how much work we did and all the beautiful pieces we created.  I did miss a lot of French because my teacher speaks so fast, but I hope to catch up soon. And I do want to acknowledge the PAIN I felt in my feet after the first day. They were throbbing!!! I could barely walk home. I soaked them in a bucket of hot water for an hour. I was dead tired and I think I slept in my uniform that night…

After three hard days in the kitchen, we had a day off (ahhhh French holiday’s!). I still don’t have a phone yet or a TV so it’s been hard to communicate with humans and I spent most of the week just talking to myself “What’s up girl?”…”Hey, what’s up!”…

Anywho… I love that there are many places to go visit here (for free) and enjoy a picnic. I made myself my low-budget, ham-prociutto, cheese and arugula sandwich and sat by the Louvre, fancy! Tourism is getting heavy now that the weather is getting nicer, so it’s always funny to go watch all the people take photos in the same poses that you once did when you saw these monuments for the first time.


A plus tard!


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